Django Xoraxane

Turkish Romani scalawag


1890 – Born in the Ainos (in Thrace/Rumelia, part of the Ottomon empire) to a large family (2nd youngest of 12) of Xoraxane Roma (Muslim)

1905 – Thirsting for adventure and having few opportunities in such a large family, Django left join a band of travelling performers (and thieves). They travelled throughout Eastern and Southern Europe performing for well off travellers, businessmen, and whomever else they could nab a few coins from.

The Turko-Italian War forced them east as anti-Romani sentiment grew. The Balkan Wars pushed them further into Ottoman territory where the attempted to make a living in Constantinople.

1914 – When the Ottoman Empire declared war on the Allies, Django was worried about being conscripted so he fled to the Köroğlu mountains in Bolu province from where his family originally came.

1917 – An event that changed his life. Django was approached by a distant relative who is also a knowledgeable magician. After watching and speaking with Django over the past couple of years he decided to share the truth. Many of the Roma myths and practices are true. He taught Django the ancient tradition of the Evil Eye, a spell that brings misfortune to the enemies of the Roma, as well as a way to mystically enthrall others.

1919 – The magician continued some of the occult education and wanted to show Django a hint of the more powerful spells available to the Roma. He arranged for a ritual which would summon forth a frightening and powerful denizen of other worlds. Django was given an Elder Sign to protect him as a hunting horror was summoned. The binding failed and the magician was taken while Django escaped with a terrible scar across the side of his body, one he still carries today. He escaped and hid deep in the mountains.

1920 – In late 1920, after word of the Treaty of Sèvres spread, Django
hopped a train to Europe so he could try and learn more about the Truth while making a little coin to survive. Along the way, he was caught by local ruffians while investigating strange happenings in southern England and faced a lynching for being Romani and Muslim. Marcus fought off the attackers and offered to bring him into the Society. Django owed him a life boon for the assistance and joined up immediately. He’s been Marcus’s companion ever since.

Django Xoraxane

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