Horror on the Orient Express

Dr Graham Culver

My Journal

I’ve lived almost my entire adult life here in London. I wish my parents could have lived long enough to see me graduate from Oxford and then Cambridge. I think they would have been proud of me. I’ve become one of the world’s best trauma surgeons working in one of the best hospitals in the world.
It kept me out of this bloody war in Europe, at least physically out of it. But I was still touched just like all of my countrymen. Almost immediately boys, really, came streaming back to London on anything that would float. Some of them didn’t survive the trip. The ones that did were in terrible shape and it fell to me and others to try to put them right again. Or at least as right as we could make them.
Over there in the God forsaken trenches they invented a term, “Shell Shock”, to describe a host of symptoms. Some are as simple as catatonia. These boys either cannot or will not interact with their environment. Some have been reduced to feral animals. Most can’t sleep well. Most wander the halls. Most flatten themselves to the floor at any loud sound.
Most interesting to me are descriptions of nightmarish scenes. I’m not talking here about the multiple horrors of combat. I’m talking about men – reliable men – from different locations and different times apparently seeing the same things. In particular, and that that grabbed my attention up front, were descriptions of black tentacles grabbing men – living men – and dragging them down into the earth screaming. And there are others, almost as bizarre. Bat like things with claws and beaks that appear to be on fire.
I started to keep a journal about these strange nesses. Maybe I can find a common thread to help these poor souls know what they actually saw and experienced. I can heal bodies but minds are beyond me. After the war I was introduced to the “Society” and shared some of my findings with a couple of people there. I was not mocked but I was also not met with any additional information or explanations. I still have the journal and shared it most recently with Mr. Carl Smith who not only didn’t laugh it off but who wanted to know more.
Day to day I am learning new techniques and finding ways to put people back together. I should be satisfied with that but I’m still ill at ease about the journal and about the way that the new field of psychoanalysis seems to shrug off “Shell Shock” and concentrate on what our mothers and fathers did to us when we were children. Mine were great. And I miss them.


My Journal by Graham Culver:
No one is going to believe what has just happened to me and my friends. It all started very logical, some investigating and research, which is my cup of tea. we found Bellows in the library skinned with a note on his chest…Who would do such a thing…there was no way would be able to expain and make sence any of this to the police, so we left as quickly as possible. If that wasn’t upsetting enough we went to visit the house where the fire took place and talk of a train, maybe starting the fire…
Logic has left me. I can hardly believe my eyes.
As we played with the small 4 car train it began to go faster and after 27 revolutions on the tract it became life size with a man inside who had died 26 years ago. He was begging for help, He couldn’t get off the train. One of my friends got on the train and we all joined to help. But the train was filled with ghosts and ghouls trying to eat us and kill us. I must have bumped my head and passed out because I don’t remember much after that, or it was so horrible that I can’t make myself remember….

Dr Graham Culver

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